Design Crush

#DesignCrush – Evoque

I’ve always been crazy about the designs of Land Rover vehicles. I’ve been a big fan of the Range Rover (for years) and the Sport. Yet not long ago one model, the Evoque, surprisingly captured my attention.

One day my wife mentioned she would love to own an Evoque so I said let me do some research on this thing!

I remember when we first went to peep the vehicle out, we both ended up test driving it. Or maybe I should say we both HAD to test drive it. The design of the body immediately took me in. Not to mention at the time they had a limited edition black on black version on the floor. I took a picture of it, but can’t seem to find it right now. Anyway moving along — the interior was comfortable and luxurious, the speed was addictive and it handled so smoothly. The Evoque was such a fun and satisfying drive!

I’m always thinking about this car even though we have vehicles we are very happy with. I’ll still never forget this car, especially how much head room I had even though it looked small from outside and that roof?! Good lord that interior coupled with that roof? Lovely!

We’re not in the market for another vehicle, but when we are……

Dear Evoque – I’m crushing on you.