Photographer Lauren Marek Wanted To Be A Filmmaker Yet Now Tells Stories Through Photography

I recently had the opportunity to visit our local center for photography. It was cool to experience a place that truly appreciated and advocated photography for the art form it is.

Most of us think photography is only a matter of pointing and shooting a camera, but there’s so much more to it. I knew this before my visit to the center, but the visit definitely solidified one thing for me. To simply take a picture is one thing; quite frankly anyone can do that. However, to produce a piece of art that tells a story is a whole other ballgame.

Meet Lauren Marek, an incredible visual storyteller in my opinion. She’s not someone who simply takes pictures. She produces pieces of art that tell a story and a good story at that. She’s one of those photographers that my visit to the center of photography helped me appreciate even more.

In today’s Spotlight Lauren talks about her love of documenting everyday life and binge watching television for fun. Read what else the freelance artist, I mean photographer had to say in response to our spotlight questions below.

What’s your name and where are you from? 
Lauren Marek – Houston, Texas

What inspired you to do what you do?
I’ve always loved telling stories through imagery. Growing up I wanted to be a filmmaker. That shifted to photography when I was in college – I found the process of telling a story through a single image or set of images challenging and rewarding. I love documenting everyday life. I like collecting memories.

Best business or personal advice you’ve ever received?
Work hard. Be kind.

Favorite thing to do for fun?
For fun I love binge watching TV. Specifically scifi!

Any words of advice or encouragement for those who wish to follow in your footsteps?
Best advice I can give would be to do what inspires you. Focus on yourself – what you like – despite what’s popular or trendy. Follow your gut.

What do you love most about the Dirty South?

See some of Lauren’s work below or better yet to work with her click here.